Nonwoven, knitted and woven interlinings

Type: double dot, paste point, scattered coating
Composition: polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, viscose fiber and their mixtures
Weight range: from 10 g/m² up to 130 g/m²
Main colors: white, charcoal and black. Various other color availability per request
Width: 90 cm, 150 cm and more

Special Purpose of interlinings such as: Standard, Extra-Soft, Stitch-Reinforced, Enzyme & Stone Wash, High-Temperature Wash, Waist-Band Reinforcement, Embroidery Backing.

Knitted and Bi-elastic, Woven and Weft Insert.


Gives shape stability and firmness of some clothes details.


Linings with diverse composition, weight, width and weave. Wide color range including option for dyeing in color according to the customer samples.

– Polyester Taffeta, Polyester Twill, Polyester Rhadame, Polyester Satin, Sleeve, Jacquard, Acetate Taffeta, Viscose Taffeta, Viscose Twill, Polyester/ Viscose


Pocketing for sewing of pockets of trousers or outerwear.
Type: plain or herringbone
Composition: Cotton, Polyester/Cotton
Weight range: from 68 g/m² up to 104 g/m²
Main colors: white, ivory, black
Width: 140 cm, 150 cm


Woven and nonwoven shirt interlinings.
Composition: 100% Cotton
Weight range: from 67 g/m² up to 160 g/m²
Primary colors: optical white, ivory, gray, black
Width: 112 cm


Diverse sizes of woven and nonwoven interlinings, reinforcement materials, an option for tapes perforation.

Nonwoven, Woven/Knitted, Bias, Piping, Perfotapes, Waist-band.


Undercollar Felt – Applicable to coats and jackets collars.
Weight range: from 180 g/m² up to 200 g/m² or more
Width: 100 cm, 150 cm and more
Color: wide range of color availabilities
Type: soft felt, stiff touch felt

Chest Felt – Applicable for front and connecting jacket elements.
Weight range: from 80 g/m² up to 350 g/m²
Type: stiff felt with back coating, soft felt without coating, chest felt interlining, chest felt stitch reinforced


Wooden, plastic and metal hangers of different size, colors and application.
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Sewing threads

High quality sewing threads with rich color variety and thickness options.
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